Naviance Student

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    How To:  Login to Naviance Student | click HERE for the video (2:05 min)

    What is Naviance Student?
    Naviance Student is a customizable planning portal for students and families that includes self-discovery assessments, résumé/activity tracking, college research tools, course planning interface, and career exploration resources.  Because it is an online resource, NS can be accessed from any Internet connection.

    Counseling Curriculum
    Although students and parents can independently login to their Naviance Student accounts, students will be intentionally navigated through various tools, assessments, and resources via Counseling Curriculum designed to be administered during each year in school.  You can view our grade level specific curriculum-related activities here:
    9  10  11  12

    Student Naviance Student Accounts: All students have active Naviance Student accounts.  For questions on how to login to Naviance Student, watch THIS short video walkthrough.  If login issues persist, contact Lauren Rowe, College Secretary, at:

    Parent Naviance Student Accounts: Parents may have a Naviance Student account linked to their student's Naviance Student account.  Parent Accounts have many of the same features as the Student Accounts, including:

    • college research and tracking tools
    • scholarship research tools
    • viewing assessment/inventory results taken by the student

    Parent Accounts are not allowed to:

    • complete assessments/inventories
    • sign up for college visits for their students
    • submit transcript requests

    If you would like to set up a Parent Account in Naviance Student, contact Lauren Rowe, College Secretary, at: