• Social Emotional Development

    Classroom Guidance Actvities

    Middle school is a time when children experience tremendous channge.  Individuals are increasing self-awareness, discovering personal identity, and building self-esteem.  The Guidance curriculum is designed to enhance growth and development of all students.  Skills in decision making, goal setting and interpesonal relationships are supported through lessons and activites presented in the classroom setting. 


    Solution Focused Problem Solving

    Responsive counseling is provided to students individually and in small groups when the need is presented.  Emotional support, conflict resolution, and crisis managment may be offered to help students cope with the various stressors they may face. 


    Focused Counseling Groups

    Counseling activites around a common goal and theme may be presented in a group format.  Structured group meetings provide students the opportunity to learn from and support one another, as well as the group facilliatator.  Grade level counselors may facillitate group activities or coordinate with disctrict and community service providers. 



    Upon request, counselors can provide families with information and referral regarding resources in the community to help support the mental health and wellness of children.  The following resources may be helpful in supporting the social and emotional growth of adolescents:

    BJC Behavioral Health

    PBS Frontline:Adolescent Brain Development