How do I cancel / close a PO?

    1. PO’s with no activity/no payments can be “canceled” by contacting Purchasing/Karen Shannon via e-mail.  Please state the purchase order # and the reason for the cancellation. Purchasing will cancel the PO in the system, but the originator is responsible for canceling the order with the vendor. 

    2. PO’s with activity/payments can be “closed” by contacting Deb Nolan or Christy Groner via e-mail or by sending a copy of the PO stamped "COMPLETE" to finance along with the reason for closing the PO.


    What to do when entering a Blanket PO’s with itemized attachments?

    1.  A blanket purchase order can be entered when you attach an itemized list of each item being ordered.   

                a.  A general note referencing the attachment.  NOTE: Check "print on PO" to have the note print on 

     the purchase order.

                b.  The "public" box for the attachment needs to be checked to forward a copy to the vendor

     with purchase order.