Parkway Ethos Statement

  • The Parkway School District is a leader among state and national public educational institutions. Parkway School District employees serve as role models to the students and the community. All those involved in education are always held to a high standard. Because of this, we must understand how our actions impact the image of the district. Therefore, we believe in the following ideas as a commitment to what it means to be part of the Parkway team.

    • We should strive to display courtesy, respect, integrity and kindness in our work to ensure a positive environment for all members of the school district community.
    • We should strive to maintain a positive image and a high level of professionalism.
    • We should strive to place value in our behavior and take advantage of opportunities to positively influence students, colleagues and community members with whom we interact.
    • We should strive to represent the District in a positive manner to promote our reputation.

    Parkway’s success depends on the dedicated employees who all come together each day and work with a sense of pride and commitment in being the very best for our students and families. Our support for these important commitments will help ensure we accomplish our mission for students as they learn, grow and develop in Parkway Schools.