• Parkway Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Mental Health Resources and Substance Abuse Resources

    All of these programs are confidential

    The EAP is free for all employees and dependents.

    PAS provides a wealth of confidential, professional services for both your work and home life.  Services include: Master's level licensed counselors, certified child development and parenting professionals, life coaches, registered and licensed dietitians, and so much more. 

    EAP Information 

    To book an appointment or get other information about PAS go to https://www.paseap.com  To register use organization code PARKWAY SD ( (Parkway’s website code is Parkway SD. Must be capitalized)or call 800-356-0845 or download the wayForward app and use employer code PARKWAY SD

    The mental health programs below are included on the District's health plan and have co-pays and can other charges associated with them. 

    Substance Abuse Resources

    Behavioral Health Information 

    How to Access Behavorial Health (Telemental Health) 

    How to Find a Telemental Provider 

    Behavorial Urgent Care Center - SSM has opened a Behavioral Health Urgent Care/walk-in clinic in Bridgeton that will treat both adult and pediatric patients.  The Center could be an excellent option for immediate behavioral needs versus the ER. Please click on the link for more information.