• Hello everyone!


    Welcome to the page for our class. This is my first year teaching at Fern Ridge and I am very excited working in such a groundbreaking environment. This website is where you can find helpful links for our class.

    To contact me: Please E-mail at jbeckman2@parkwayschools.net. I try to check my e-mail multiple times per day, and if you e-mail me before 8:00pm I will do my best to get back to you. If you e-mail me after 8:00pm, I will probably not get back to you until the next day.  

    To find assignments, calendars and links for our class: Please check the google classrooms page, found here

    To get reminders about the homework (for parents or students): Please subscribe to your class's specific feed through remind.com. You can download the Remind App to get push notifications or you can send a text message to 81010 to get text messages.

    For American Government you can go to rmd.at/ferngovt or text @ferngovt

    For World History you can go to: rmd.at/fernwhist or text @fernwhist

    For Modern Warfare you can go to: rmd.at/fernmodwar or text @fernmodwar