• If an Elective teacher does not have a link to their website, please see the individule Elective Teacher's Schoology page for information regarding their course.  If you need to contact an elective teacher, please find their contact information under the Staff Directory tab. 



     Career and Technology Education

     Mrs. Cuba 

     Mr. Fennessey - Website 

     Ms. Baumgartner

     Fine Arts

     Mr. Davis

     Ms. Hetz - Website

     Mrs. Kaibel

     Mrs. Sheehan

     Ms. Bodkin - Website

    Fine Arts - Website

     World Languages

     Senora León - Website

     Mr. Vakharia - Website


     Ms. Hendricks - Website

     Health and PE

     Mrs. Maul

     Mr. Ribeiro 

     Ms. Politte  

     Mr. Castallano