• FLEX Time at South Middle

    Beginning Monday, February 25th, an additional “FLEX” class period will be added during our daily school schedule.  This period will be 32 minutes long and will take place just prior to 6th period. It will not change the start or stop times of the school day.  The FLEX Time will be every day of the week except for on late start days. 

    On Mondays during FLEX Time, students will receive instruction in the skills that will help them be prepared for educational and career challenges. These include success skills such as:

    • Planning and Organization
    • Effective Studying Practices
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Goal Setting and Self-Monitoring
    • Emotional and Self Control
    • Getting Started and Persevering With Challenging Tasks

    We know that these skills are essential for success at the middle school level and are even more critical for success in high school and post-secondary education and training.

    The purpose of the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday FLEX Time is to provide students with additional time to stay on track and to get caught up with their homework, projects, and assessments in all their classes. It will also provide students with the time to get additional help from their teachers and even to get ahead if they already understand the work that they are doing.  

    On Fridays, students will report to their current PUG teacher during the FLEX period. This period will include weekly lessons on South Middle’s Core Values (Responsibility, Kindness, Empathy, Resilience, and Integrity).

    Your student will be assigned by grade level to a “homeroom” teacher and will start each FLEX period in this homeroom.

    On Mondays, homeroom teachers will work with their students to review their academic progress in all their classes and set goals for the upcoming week.  We know that when students have an accurate picture of their progress, they are more successful in making improvements in their progress. Teachers will also spend this time teaching lessons designed to help students grow in the Success Skills areas described above.

    On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays students will also report to their homerooms at the beginning of the FLEX period. Once attendance is taken, students will have the opportunity to travel to another teacher’s classroom for help or to remain in their homeroom to complete work or get ahead.

    Currently, students attend each class period for 45 minutes.  Under the new FLEX schedule, these classes will be 41 minutes. Classroom teachers were instrumental in determining the amount of time that could be subtracted from their classes without sacrificing student learning, instruction, or curriculum. By being more efficient in classroom routines such as attendance taking and distributing materials, we believe that we can accomplish the same goals and provide students with extra time in their day to accomplish the many things that are required of them.

    The FLEX schedule will begin on Monday, February 25th. Between this start date and the end of the year, we will be monitoring the success of the program closely so that we can make any needed adjustments and improvements to the system. As stated above, the FLEX TIME schedule will not occur on Late Start Days. This is due to class periods already being shortened to 30 minutes on these days.

    As we continue to monitor, assess and make improvements to FLEX Time, we are planning to add teacher-directed, student-chosen enrichment activities.

    You can find an updated daily schedule below.  If you have questions about FLEX Time, please feel free to contact us at 314-415-7200.

    FLEX Time Daily Schedule