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Xanthe Riley Meyer

Xanthe Meyer: PAA board member since 2018

High School: North 1990

Professional Affiliation: Parkway Spark! Business Incubator Program Director 

Other Organizations: 25 years teaching, learning, and growing (20 yrs in Parkway School District), Mizzou Graduate with B.S. Marketing Education 1994, MBA Lindenwood University Emphasis in Marketing 2000, 2013 Missouri Marketing and Cooperating Education Teacher of the Year, Nominated for Missouri ACTE 2014 Teacher of the Year, DECA Advisor (18 yrs) and Marketing and Career Education Board Member 2004-2013, Co-Founder of Innovational & Unique, Parkway Spark! Business Incubator, Spark! Selected as Best Model of Model Schools 2017, Navy League STL STEM Educator of the Year 2018, Sea Perch STL STEM Educational Coordinator for Regional Sea Perch Competition, Advisory Member of Pattonville & SSD Technical High Schools CTE Board, Navy Educator Leader of the Sea (2018), Professional Women's Association Member, Women's Policy Group Member, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Leadership Graduate, Focus STL Leadership Delegate, & Disruptor of traditional education and strongly believes the power belongs in the unstructured with a purpose environment which creates a growth mindset 

Children: Proud single mom of two beautiful adopted girls (9 & 10), April Riley Lehenbaur,Parkway North, 1985

Hobbies: Spend time with my girls, love to travel, eat at new restaurants, read, pop culture, & fashion

Why did you become involved with the PAA? PAA is a strong support system for Parkway Spark!

PAA Leadership Roles: Granting Dreams & Trivia

Contact:  314.276.7825

Social Media: Linkedin 

Favorite PAA project I've worked on so far: Creating Spark!, Granting Dreams- connecting students with industry experiences, becoming a connector of industry leaders to educational leaders