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Prepare for winter weather ❄️

1/5/2024 -- As we move into severe weather season, here is what you can expect and how to prepare for winter weather and potential school closures.

What to expect:

  • Since we have time built into our calendar for snow days, we will take the first three snow days off school (if needed). Then, if we need more than three snow days this year, we will have virtual learning days.

  • We have the option to use a 2-hour late start and/or early dismissal if needed due to weather.

  • For more information on school closures, click here.

How we will contact you:

  • In the event of a school closing or change in schedule, we will notify all families and staff as soon as possible by phone call, email and text message. 

  • School closing information will also be available on local TV broadcasts, Parkway’s website and Parkway Schools social media.

How you can prepare:

  • Have a family plan: We recommend you have a family plan in the event of winter weather to prepare for potential closing or a schedule change.

  • Update your contact info: If you need to update your contact information, log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or update your settings in the Infinite Campus Parent app.

Please know we closely monitor weather conditions and our decisions are always based on the safety of your children.