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Just a Reminder

As a reminder, it’s important to wear a properly fitting mask at work and at all times in public and shared spaces. Several scientific studies have demonstrated the benefit of universal mask-wearing to reduce transmission of COVID-19. For your own safety and the safety of others:

  • If you work in a shared or open-air workspace, you should wear your mask at all times. This includes classrooms, cubicles and any open-air public spaces even if you are socially distanced from others. 

  • At lunch, it is very important to eat in a location where you can socially distance yourself from others and limit the time without a face covering.

  • Please always wear a mask using shared spaces including bathrooms, kitchen/lounge areas or hallways.

  • Make sure your mask fits properly and covers both your mouth and nose. The best face coverings contain multiple layers of tightly woven cloth. 

In addition to wearing masks at work, here are some other practices that will help keep our schools and offices safe for everyone:

  • If at all possible, hold meetings virtually or by phone. 

  • Maintain a physical distance between you and others as much as possible throughout the workday. Quarantines happen when an individual spends 15 minutes or more (cumulatively throughout a 24 hour period) within 6 feet of an infected person. 

  • Complete your daily health screening and do not come to work if you are not feeling well.  Even minor illness symptoms like congestion, cough and body aches can be an indication of a possible COVID-19 infection. 

We are using a variety of measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and offices. As more people are back in our buildings, it is more important than ever to be mindful of these measures. These practices will continue to keep you, your co-workers and our students safe at work and school.

Thank you,
Parkway Health Services