Process for Completing Contribution Project


Here is a suggested order for how to proceed:

    •  Select a project manager
    •  Complete the Contributions Proposal Form and submit to Lead Time teacher
    •  Decide the end date for the project
    •  Find out the strengths of each team member (see “Identifying my Strengths” organizational worksheet)
    •  Create a timeline for what needs to happen in order for the contribution to be successful (see “Creating a Project Timeline” organizational worksheet)
    •  Have each member create their personal “To Do” list
    •  (See “Personal To Do List” organizational worksheet)
    •  Complete “To Do’s”
    •  Meet regularly to share with other team members how they are progressing on their To Do List
    •  After project is completed, reflect on what went well and what lessons were learned
Process for Completing Contribution Project.pdf, 128.07 KB; (Last Modified on November 26, 2018)