• CMS Tech:

    Per Travis Adams, the new policy is:
    “Starting this school year, families of students in grades 3-12 will no longer register for
    Chromebook insurance. Instead, Parkway is moving to a per-incident fine structure for
    Chromebook damage that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty (i.e. damaged screens,
    damaged keyboards, missing/damaged charger, etc.). 

    When a Chromebook is turned in for repair the device will be evaluated and repaired by a
    Parkway technician. A fine will be assessed if a part is required to complete the repair AND the
    repair is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The amount of the fine will vary depending
    on the total cost of the parts needed to repair the Chromebook. Repairs that require parts
    valued under $200 are considered minor and a $25 fine will be assessed. Repairs that require
    parts valued over $200 are considered major and a $50 fine will be assessed.  The fine
    structure is designed to supplement the overall cost of the repair to Parkway.

    Families will be able to view and pay Chromebook repair fines through Rycor (Instructions for
    accessing), Parkway’s fine recording and processing system. This change aligns Chromebook
    repair fines with how Parkway collects other fines and fees in the district (library fines, event
    tickets, etc.) while also removing the need to annually register for Chromebook insurance.
    Please contact the Technology Help Desk (helpdesk@parkwayschools.net) if you have any