National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

  • NAHS Sponsor: Ms. Deffenbaugh

    Activity Description
    NAHS is a service organization, providing assistance to the school, the PCH Art Department and the community. In the past we participated in Beautification Day, carved pumpkins for department offices, created found object flowers and displayed them throughout the school, painted display cubes for the department, assited in the set up and take down of art shows and created a mosaic mural at the Parkway Transportation Building.

    We have also done art projects with the preschool children, worked with the middle school kids and decorated a nursing home or hospital for holidays, done face painting at elementary school parties and created cards for nursing homes. Our largest project to date was the collaboration we did with the artist Edo Rosenblith who created the mural PANORAMA that hangs in the PCH commons area.

    Panorama 2020 Edo Rosenblith

    Do you have other ideas? Come join us!


    What is expected of members?

    1. To attend meetings and be on time for them.
    2. Participate in at least 10 hours each semester of our activities.
    3. Show up for the activities you sign up for.


    Criteria for Membership:

    1. Membership in this organization shall be based on academic and visual scholarship, service, and character.
    2. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have completed at least 4 semester courses in visual art at this or another high school.
    3. Candidates must be junior or senior students whose scholastic GPA is at least 3.2 and whose visual art GPA is at least 3.7.
    4. Members must complete a minimum of 10 service hours each semester to be inducted, retain membership and earn a tassel.
    5. A yearly membership fee of $8.00 per member must be paid in the fall semester and will be forwarded to the NAHS office at National Headquarters.
    6. If, at the time of graduation, an active member of NAHS is enrolled in at least 1 art class during the senior year and has completed the required service hours, that member may purchase an NAHS tassel to be worn at graduation.


    A list of eligible applicants will be reviewed by the faculty, whose character recommendations will be taken into consideration.