Medication at School

  • All medications administered at school require parent and physician authorization. Students in grades 9-12 may carry their own over-the-counter medication in the original container with a permission note signed and dated by parent/guardian requesting self-administration. Only FDA approved medications will be administered during the school day.

    If your child needs to take medication at school, including over-the-counter medications, here are some important rules and policies to follow:

    1. Medications must be brought to school by the parent or another responsible adult in the original container.
    1. All medication is to be taken to the nurse’s office for secured, locked storage.
    1. Prescription medications must be in a prescription-labeled container, the label stating the child’s name, current date, medication name and directions for administration.
    1. Over-the-counter medications must be in their original containers.
    1. Parent permission forms must accompany any kind of medication. Physician permission also must accompany over-the-counter medications given for longer than 5 days and any prescription medication to be given.
    1. If your child has asthma or a life threatening allergy, and you and your child’s physician believe it necessary for your child to carry a “rescue” medication, as opposed to keeping it in the nurse’s office, please contact your school nurse. Authorization forms will be provided for you and the physician to sign.
    1. In grades nine through 12 only, students may carry over-the-counter medications and self-administer these medications, if: the medications are in their original containers; and the student has possession of a note signed by a parent/guardian giving permission for the student to carry and take the drug in question.
    1. All left-over medication stored in the school health office must be picked up from the school nurse by the parent or legal guardian at the end of the school year. No medications will be sent home with students.

    Medication Authorization Forms, Asthma Action Plans, Food Allergy Action Plans, Diabetes Medical Management Plans and Seizure Action Plans are available from your school nurse or for downloading from the Health Services Forms page of the Parkway website.

    If you have questions please contact your school nurse or Diane Brown, Director of Health Services, at (314) 415-5278.

    For more information about the Parkway School District Medication Policies, see below: 

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