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Update to the 2025-26 academic calendar

3/14/2024 -- Last night, the Board of Education approved an updated 2025-26 district calendar. 

Based on feedback from parents, staff and students, the calendar features these changes:

  • High school finals before winter break

  • End the school year before Memorial Day

  • One consistent early release schedule. (Professional development days which were 2-hour early releases and half days which had 3-hour early releases all have the same 3-hour early release time now.)

What did we give up?

  • Fall break will be slightly shorter to allow for high school finals before winter break.

  • The second semester will be six days longer than the first semester. When we factor in the number of days that are typically used in the second semester for state testing and snow days, the number of days per semester will be more balanced.

  • Students will have 174 days of school, which is two fewer days than the current calendar, primarily to allow the school year to end before Memorial Day.

  • Good Friday will be a school day for students and staff.

What stays the same?

  • The school year will start on a Monday (10 school days before Labor Day) as in previous years. State law does not allow us to start earlier.

  • There are still four school days off for teacher professional development during the year.

  • Snow days remain the same. The first three snow days, if needed for weather, would be days off school. On the fourth day and any subsequent snow days, students would engage in virtual learning from home.

Will these changes impact next year (2024-25)?

The calendar for the upcoming school year (2024-25) has been board-approved and published online since May of 2023. Whenever possible, we avoid changing calendars that have been published because we know our families, teachers, staff and students have made personal plans, travel, etc. based on that calendar.