• Mission
    The mission of the Green Trails PTO is to promote the social, emotional, and educational development of our students, support the staff, and to encourage parent volunteerism and community involvement in our school.
    Each and every parent or guardian in the Green Trails school is a member of our PTO, just as each and every student attending is a member of Green Trails Elementary. We do not request or accept dues in order to be a member. School wide PTO meetings will be held quarterly.
    The PTO board is the voting entity composed of selected parents who oversee, plan, and manage the media, financials, and PTO sponsored events. Non-voting members of the board include at least one staff member to represent the needs of the school and staff.
    PTO Board meetings are typically held on the last Monday of the month, but may be rescheduled as needed. Being a parent member of the PTO Board is a two year commitment.