• 2023-2024 Board Members

    Co-Presidents: Julie Grogan, julie@greentrailspto.org
    Secretary: Amy Hutson, amy@greentrailspto.org
    Treasurer: Gina Williams, gina@greentrailspto.org
    School Services: Leah Curran, leah@greentrailspto.org
    Programming: Crystal McKenzie, crystal@greentrailspto.org
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/English for Speakers of Other Languages (DEI/ESOL): Melanie Korn, melanie@greentrailspto.org
    Fundraising: Lauren Lourie, lauren@greentrailspto.org
    Past President: Martha Hicks, martha@greentrailspto.org

    Where Do Our Funds Go?

    Green Trails PTO provides funding and volunteers for enrichment programs, teacher appreciation, school parties and support of activities. 


    At the end of each year, PTO provides the school with funds to improve our school facilities, technology, curriculum, and instruction. These purchases help keep Green Trails a leader in Parkway and provides every student of the Green Trails community with the innovative, cutting edge materials and facilities.


    With the funds provided from the 2021- 2022 school year, the PTO purchased the following:


    Dremel Digilab 3D printer for Makerspace curriculum taught by Mrs. Stafford to provide all grade levels with the ability to code and create. Before this, Mrs. Stafford would have to request and utilize a 3D printer from the district. Unfortunately, she could only keep it for 2 weeks, which hardly allowed her to print the 5th grade Makerspace Projects. With your generosity, not only will our 5th graders be able to create a product, the other grade levels will also be able to create projects and learn more about coding and its purpose. Teachers are also permitted to use this for instructional purposes if they so choose.


    Pevo Park Series Soccer Goals for the field. The previous soccer goals, which were donated almost 20 years ago, were in disrepair from normal wear and tear and were no longer usable. We have replaced those goals with standard-size goals from PEVO that can be moved if needed (though they are safely anchored to the ground by 16 in. spiral landscaping anchors). The goals have been a highlight of the new year, with many children excited about being able to use two goals with functional nets.


    In addition to these items, we also purchased a new garden shed to replace the old shed, which was in disrepair and caused water damage to our building at times, and a new metal cabinet for PTO storage near the library to replace an old cabinet that was no longer capable of locking. Previous years' major gifts have included Google Expedition Glasses (2019), a new marquee (2020), additional picnic benches (2020) and iPads and digital art program (2021), ukeleles (2021), Makerspace tables (2021), grade level learning materials (2021). 


    Green Trails staff, students, and families have often expressed how grateful they are for the generosity of the broader Green Trails Community.  PTO looks forward to supporting the building and our children in ways that support our students' growth and we are so grateful for your support in the past years and going forward.