• Math Facts Scholars


    Time to get those practice workbooks back out, or continue practicing if your child participated in the Summer program!  Math Facts Scholars will resume in the Library on Friday, September 6 at 8:20.  Students will pick up right where they left off last Spring.  For those of you new to Barrett's, or those who are newly interested, Math Facts Scholars is a weekly math testing program that motivates Kindergarten through 5th grade students to improve their math skills.  The program includes workbooks that students use to practice (hopefully) daily at home, and then weekly two or three minute testing at the students own pace.  Registration is by content level, rather than grade level, so students can start or continue at any time.  Please see the attached flyer to register.

    Of course, the program is only possible because of our many wonderful volunteers.  Thanks so much to you all, and please consider helping out if you have not done so before. 

    Please contact Nori Yokozuka (nyokozuka@gmail.com) or Christine Hong (hwssch@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns.