• The Academies at Central Middle: Legacy

  • What is the Legacy Academy?

    • Standards-Based, Parkway Curriculum
    • Inter-disciplinary Teams with 5 Core Teachers (new teachers each year)
    • Blended Instructional Strategies
    • Structured Daily Schedule
    • Differentiated and Teacher Directed Instruction

    The Legacy Academy encapsulates the middle school model, which includes a core teacher for each content area. It uses research-based methods and a rigorous, district-curated curriculum guaranteeing instruction that is aligned with the district for the grade level and grade progression. Within the team structure, teachers continually adjust instruction to the needs of students using a variety of methods and strategies. 
    Students will be exposed to a combination of learning platforms and take an active role in their education. 

    Questions that could describe a legacy student:

    • Do you like a structured school day with a consistent schedule?
    • Do you like the excitement of getting new teachers and new classmates each year?
    • Do you like the variety of activities your teachers currently use to help ensure your academic success?


  • Parent Night Presentation

    Team 6-1

    • Cathy Asher (Math)
    • Joi Tenholder (Science)
    • Jeff Stephenson (Social Studies)
    • Kaleigh Peacher (ELA)
    • Laurie Tice (ELA)

    Team 6-2

    • Hannah Elder (Math)
    • Jenny Ferris (Science)
    • Joan Aleman (Social Studies)
    • Teresa Otto (ELA)
    • Lauren Moss (ELA)

    Team 7-1

    • Andi Martin (Math)
    • Michael Scoffic (Science)
    • Jennifer Walters (Social Studies)
    • Marcy Rademeyer (ELA)
    • Nikki Warfield (ELA)

    Team 7-2

    • Stephanie Seidel (Math)
    • Audrey Roos (Science)
    • Crissy Baden (Social Studies)
    • Cassie Schneider (ELA)
    • Teresea Gassel (ELA)

    Team 8-1

    • Kathleen Schweiss (Math)
    • William Price (Science)
    • Kelly Cody (Social Studies)
    • Karole Evans (ELA) 

    Team 8-2

    • Erica Smalley (Math)
    • Julia Orr (Science)
    • Bryan Britts (Social Studies)
    • Carol Lena (ELA)
    • Katie Ballard (ELA)