• Nominations for the 2020 Parkway Alumni Hall of Fame are closed.
    • Nominations for the 2022 event will be accepted beginning Nov. 1, 2021.

    • A revised nomination form will be available at that time, but it will be similar to the one used this year - click here to download the 2020 PAA HOF Nomination Form.


    Nominate a Parkway Grad for the Hall of Fame

    UPDATE (9/14/20)

    The PAA's HOF 2020 Selection Committee has decided to proceed with choosing this year's class for the Parkway Alumni Hall of Fame. However, the graduates chosen will not be inducted until 2022 due to public health guidance on travel/gathering this year.

    If you nominated a graduate for the HOF, you will be contacted by Nov. 15, 2020, with news regarding your nominee. If your nominee is not selected for the HOF Class of 2020, you may revise your nomination (usually requires additional material) and resubmit for the HOF Class of 2022.

    Question? Please contact Sandy Riutcel, PAA executive director, at 314-414-8074 or email ParkwayAlumni@parkwayschools.net.