• Money raised from fundraisers sponsored by the PCH Theatre Parents will be used to support and fund the following activities in the PCH Theatre Department:


    1. Annual scholarship program
    2. ITS and/or ITF Grants
    3. Theatre Department WISH list items
    4. Banquet awards
    5. Professional Services



    2015 - 2016 Fundraisers


    Please support this years fundraising efforts and participate is the

    events listed below to helpsupport our students and the department!

    The PCH COLTS Tumblers are finally HERE!!!
    Get yours Today!
    ONLY $15.00
    You may also order them through Laurie Velasquez, Nicole Voss or the PCH School Store.  
    They make great gifts!
    Proceeds from this event go towards the scholarship fund. Click on the poster for more details.