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    NHS students offer tutoring for many courses. The tutoring is available to West's students free of charge as a service project.

    Here is the procedure for students who want to arrange tutoring:

      • Check the list below and write down several names.

     • It is your responsibility to contact the potential tutor. You may need to make more than one phone call to establish mutually agreeable tutoring.

     • You and your tutor will decide when and where the tutoring will occur.  Some tutoring is done at West either before or after school. Some tutoring is at the student's or tutor's home.

     • Some tutoring is done on a one-time basis; you may also arrange to be tutored on a regular basis.

    • Once you have made an appointment for tutoring, please show up on time and in the right place. Bring your book, handouts, and work in progress.

    • Sign the tutor's service form so he/she will get credit for the time spent tutoring you.

    2023-2024 List of Tutors