Going Green

  • What controls how plants behave? "Behave," you say? Why yes, plants respond to changes in their environments too, just like animals. Plants grow in response to environmental factors such as light, gravity, moisture and temperature. How do the roots and stems of a plant "know" which way to grow? Plant hormones are internal factors that help a plant direct and control its growth and behavior. Going Green will help you learn about plant hormones and how plants respond to external stimuli with tropisms.

    Can you think of ways we use plants? How does what you are wearing relate to plants? Is there a connection between plants and what you ate for breakfast or lunch? Ethnobotany is the study of the relationship between plants and people. Going Green will explain some common plant uses and will help you in your research about an assigned plant. Start by clicking on the Hormones button to the left. Let's get Going Green!