COVID-19 Identification and Notification

  • These the procedures we will use to notify parents and staff when there is a positive case of COVID-19 at school and how you can help keep our children, staff and school communities healthy.

    How you can help

    • Click here for a Parent Guide to Student Health to answer your questions about when to stay home and our notification process.
    • Keep your student at home if they experience any symptoms associated with COVID-19, if they have had close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19, or have been recently tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting the test result. Call your school to report the reason for the absence.
    • If your student tests positive for COVID-19, notify the school nurse immediately so that contact tracing can begin. 
    • Help your student understand the importance of following health and safety protocols at school. This includes correct mask-wearing, regular handwashing, staying in assigned seats and practicing physical distancing whenever possible.
    • Activities of students and families in the community can significantly impact student health and the health of classmates and teachers. Please follow CDC guidance to encourage good hand hygiene and wash hands frequently, wear face coverings in public, maintain physical distance with those outside your household and monitor the health of your family daily. 
    • Please keep your contact information up to date so we can reach you in the event your student needs to go home due to illness or exposure to COVID-19. You can update your contact information in Infinite Campus here.
    • Create a family emergency plan now for the unexpected times your student may need to stay home. 

    What happens when there is a positive case at school?
    Parents and staff will be immediately notified if they have been in contact with a positive case. The number of cases and quarantines in each school are posted on our Community Health Dashboard which is updated every day. 

    It is likely that we will have staff and students who will be required to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. 

    What process is used to determine who had close contact with a positive case?
    The Parkway Health Services team has previous experience in contact tracing and a dedicated contact tracer on staff this year. In addition, every school has a nurse and at least one administrator who has been trained in contact tracing.

    Quarantines are at the direction of the St. Louis County Health Department.

    When we are notified of a positive case within a school or building we will immediately begin the case investigation process. This includes:

    • Determine when the individual was last at school, when their symptoms began, when they were tested for COVID-19 and when they received the positive test result. 
    • Students will have assigned seats in class, during lunch and on the bus in order to successfully identify contacts in the event of a positive case. Using class schedules and seating charts, we will identify other individuals this person may have come into contact with during their infectious period, including special classes, supports, bus transportation, extracurriculars and recess. 
    • We will create a list of “contacts” (in the same classroom or general vicinity) and “close contacts.” We will collaborate with the St. Louis County Department of Public Health to determine who is a close contact. Close contacts who were within six feet of a COVID-19 positive individual for more than 15 minutes (cumulative) are required to quarantine per the Department of Public Health. Additionally, the health department is currently recommending quarantine for individuals who are in the same room for periods greater than 120 minutes.  Maintaining social distance and wearing of masks can lessen the likelihood of close exposure, but will not necessarily prevent quarantines.
    • The school nurse or school administrator will contact the families and staff of all close contacts and inform them that they need to quarantine. At the time of notification, we will inform parents or staff of their tentative return date to school or work. Final guidance on the return date for students or staff who are in isolation or quarantine will come from the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.
    • Other contacts who may have been in the same classroom or general vicinity but are not considered a close contact will receive communication from a school nurse or administrator. They will be advised to monitor their student for possible symptoms but can continue sending their student to school. 
    • Parents of students and staff who are not considered contacts with a positive case will not be notified each time there is a case in the building. Parents and staff can follow the number of cases on our Community Health Dashboard which will be updated regularly.
    • All building staff who are close contacts will be notified immediately. 
    • Due to health privacy laws, we cannot share the names of students or staff who have tested positive.

    What does learning look like if my child is quarantined at home?
    If a child is feeling well and quarantined at home, teachers will work with you to ensure your student can stay caught up, access learning and complete assignments at home. Teachers will continue to maintain Schoology pages with assignments and learning materials so we can support students who are quarantined.

    Elementary: The student can remain connected to the class through live participation in morning meetings/community circles via Zoom. The classroom teacher will provide a menu of learning activities in Schoology. Students will have access to videos of mini-lessons for Reading, Writing and Math and will have daily asynchronous activities for science, social studies, and phonics (K-2).

    Middle and High School: The student can continue to participate in learning and instruction by joining their classes live via Zoom.

    If a child is ill for an extended period, the school principal and teacher(s) will work with parents to determine how their child can make up work when they are feeling well.

    What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
    While quarantines and isolation can be difficult and disruptive to students and families, they are a required health precaution from the CDC and St. Louis County Health Department and a positive strategy to prevent further spread of illness in our schools.

    Isolation requires individuals to stay home and separates those with COVID-19 from people who are not sick. Isolation is usually at least 10 days as long as the last 24 hours of that period are fever-free without medication and symptoms are improving.

    Quarantine also requires individuals to stay home and keeps someone who might have been exposed to the virus away from others. Quarantine is currently 10 days from the last day of exposure to the person with the virus. 

    For more information, please visit our Health and Safety website. Thank you for your support as we return to school and work together to keep our students and staff safe and healthy.