Alternative Discipline Program

  • Student Parkway’s Alternative Discipline Center (ADC) allows the opportunity for middle and high school students to remain current with academics during a suspension of 10 days or longer.  During their time in ADC, students are assigned to a case manager responsible for requesting work from teachers at the student’s home school.  While attending ADC, students work individually with Parkway School District teachers in a quiet, supportive setting.  Special School District teachers are available for students with IEP’s.

    Parents are informed about the option of a student attending ADC at the time of suspension.  Once a parent contacts the ADC and it is determined that the student will attend, arrangements will be made about when the student will begin, the student will be assigned to a teacher and home school teachers will be contacted.  The ADC staff support and work with students while they are suspended, but the opportunity to continue attending the ADC is contingent upon adherence to our student expectations. 

     Parkway collaborates with community agencies through the St. Louis Children’s Service fund to provide support for students and their families while they are suspended.  The ADC administrator will share information about how to access the services available.