Board of Education

  • Board of Education Regular Meetings

    Regular meetings of the board of education are held monthly as designated in the board meeting calendar and are open to the public. In addition, all meetings are streamed live on Parkway's website. Meeting dates are posted and begin at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.  

    Minutes and Agendas

    Agendas are available online Monday prior to the meeting date and at the meeting. Regular board minutes may be viewed online. 

    Guidelines for Citizen Statements

    The Parkway Board of Education provides an opportunity at each public meeting for citizen comment in an effort to maintain an open dialogue with our community. Due to time constraints and the need to complete the primary responsibilities of the meeting agenda, the board cannot respond to citizen statements during the meeting. Citizens who participate in public comment receive a response in writing from the board president after the meeting.

    Parkway board members are always available to have an open dialogue with citizens at other times and can be reached by email or phone using the contact information provided on the Parkway website. 

    • In order to make a verbal statement from the podium, you need to sign in before the meeting begins between 6:30 and 7 p.m.
    •  When called to the podium, please state your name before addressing the board.
    •  The board president may limit the amount of time for citizen comments in order to complete all agenda items in a timely manner. If you don’t have the opportunity or choose not to speak, you can provide a written statement to the board secretary or email board members.
    • If you are with a large group who intend to make similar statements, please consider assigning someone as a spokesperson.
    •  Citizens who don’t want to speak at the podium can provide a written statement to the board secretary before or after the meeting.
    • Please help maintain order by respecting the opinions and viewpoints of all participants.
    • Visitors will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Any form of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. 
    • Examples of disruptive conduct include but are not limited to: ignoring time limits and other reasonable directives by the board president during the citizen comment portion of the meeting; shouting or talking loudly during the meeting; foul or inappropriate language during the meeting, and leaving your seat and approaching the board table during the meeting.
    • If a verbal warning is ignored, security personnel will ask you to leave the meeting.

    Correspondence Sent to Board Members

    Correspondence sent to individual board members will be shared with all board members. If a response is requested, the board president will normally reply on behalf of the board. 

    Closed Meetings

    The board of education may meet in closed session to discuss those items as designated by law.