Directions for Submitting a Print Request

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    Follow the directions below for completing the form and submitting the order.

    1. Open the Print Request Form.

    2. Click Download  to download the file.

    3. Rename your file and save to your computer desktop.

    4. Important - Close the Print Request Form Tab in your browser.

    5. Open the file you just saved to your desktop and complete form.
    6. Type your name in the "Requester" field - this is a required field.

    7. Type the name of "Bldg./Dept" - this is a required field.

    8. Type the "Date Submitted" - this is a required field.

    9. Type the "Date Rquired" - this is a required field.

    10. Type the "Job Description" - this is a required field.

    11. Type the "Account Code" - this is a required field.

    12. DO NOT type anything in the "JOB #" field.

    13. Complete the form with any other information that is needed for your request.

    14. Once the form is complete, DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT.  Select File from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the document then select SAVE AS.  Save to your desktop replacing the pervious version of the form. 

    15. Send an email to Donovan Rook with the completed form and attach any document(s) that are needed to complete the job.