• Current Bid Opportunities, Award Information, & Public Bid Opening can be found on: Bonfire


    Bidders Instructions:


    Vendors wishing to participate MUST register through the Parkway School District Procurement Portal at https://parkwayschools.bonfirehub.com/ 


    Registration is easy and free.  (Look for the “Log-in/Register Button in the top right corner).  Please be sure to select at least one, or more, NIGP codes for your business or organization.  Our solicitations will be set up using those codes and will be matched to vendors and contractors with the same codes.


    (Technical assistance is available on the portal website listed above, if needed.)


    **NOTE:  This is the only method in which Parkway Purchasing posts bid opportunities.    


    Public Bid Openings:


    Public Bid openings are currently being held virtually on Bonfire.  Click here for instuctions on how to attend a live bid opening.


    ** Registration is not required on Bofire to attend a bid opening.


    Construction Bids - Click to see current bid information on various projects including bond, planning, engineering, technology, and construction.  Contact James Swingle at (314)415-8289 for further assistance.