Why Wellness?

  • The goal of employee wellness at Parkway is simple. We wish to create and and maintain a culture of health.  We wish to provide a positive, inclusive, holistic wellness program that employees can enter and exit based on their needs and desire. Wellness programs seek to create an environment that increases health awareness, promotes positive lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, and enhances the quality of life for employees. We hope that you can see a few of the positive results, highlighted below as well as our model.

    • Parkway employees have a very high rate of preventive screenings when compared to similar groups.  Screenings such as mammograms, physician wellness exams, lipid panel screenings and colonoscopies can save lives if abnormalities are detected early
    • The percentage of those participating in preventive screenings has increased year over year
    • The amount of employees participating in wellness programs increases year over year
    • The wellness program seeks a holistic approach, looking at the whole employee
    • In addition to district-wide programs, there are varied school-based wellness activities that were supported by the wellness program, from a Mindfulness Seminar at Henry, to yoga classes at Bellerive
    • We believe that modeling good examples for our students and community is important
    • Be well for our kids and yours #BeWell4Kids


    Holistic approach