Board of Education

  • Parkway Board of Education
    The Parkway Board of Education is a governmental body consisting of seven elected members. Board members oversee the general supervision of the school district and ensure schools are maintained as provided by state statutes, rules and procedures of the Missouri State Board of Education and/or the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the policies, rules and procedures of the school district. More about the school board's powers and duties can be found here. The Board of Education can take action only by a majority vote. 

    Parkway Board of Education members, like all public school board members in the State of Missouri, are all volunteer positions.

    Regular Meetings
    Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and will be held at Parkway's Welcome Center, 760 Woods Mill Road, 63011, unless otherwise specified. To watch the meeting click here. Additionally, the meetings will be recorded and posted on the Parkway website.  

    Minutes and Agendas
    Agendas for the regular meetings are available online on Mondays prior to the meeting date and at the meeting. Regular board minutes may also be viewed online

    Open Communications with Board Members
    Parkway Board members are always available to have an open dialogue with citizens and can be reached by email or phone using the contact information provided on the Parkway website.

    • The public comment session during board meetings is not the appropriate forum for addressing individually identifiable student and/or personnel matters. Therefore, due to privacy laws protecting students and employees, comments about these matters should not include personally identifiable information about particular students or employees.
    • Members of the public, staff and students are encouraged to utilize established policies and procedures for offering suggestions or addressing concerns and complaints prior to bringing the issue before the Board.
    • Please be mindful that the meetings of the board will be broadcast and you are responsible for any public comments you make.

    Correspondence Sent to Board Members
    Correspondence sent to individual board members will be shared with all board members. If a response is requested, the Board President will normally reply on behalf of the Board.

    Closed Meetings
    The Board of Education may meet in closed session to discuss those items as designated by law. Although the public has the right to attend regular meetings of the Board of Education, no individual or group has the right to enter into the closed meetings of the Board.