• Find Your Bus Stop:  On August 15th, bus route information will be available on the Parkway mobile App.  Download the app and log in to access the bus stop location, pick and drop-off times.

    If your student has a special assignment for transportation, please use the Parkway App for the most accurate bus stop information.

    Click here for the online bus stop locator ( E-link). This is another way to get bus stop information. E-link works best on a laptop or desktop computer.

    Students in the VICC/VST program and receiving specialized transportation will receive a postcard in the mail with their bus stop information. 

    We continue to experience bus driver shortages and anticipate more students may ride the bus this school year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that families provide their own transportation to and from school. Families must request transportation if they are eligible. Families were sent transportation opt-in emails this summer.

    Call the transportation office at 314-415-8415 for questions or additional information.

    Changes to Transportation for 2022-23

    Due to an ongoing critical shortage in bus drivers, we need to reduce the number of bus routes for the upcoming school year. We have identified neighborhood schools where it would be safe for students to walk to school if needed within a mile of the school. Safe walking zones are neighborhoods where there are sidewalks and students do not have to cross a major intersection to get to school.

    Starting in August, bus service will not be provided for elementary students in neighborhoods within a mile of the school. Families who are impacted by this change have been notified directly. 

    Based on the safe walk zones, the schools impacted by this change are Barretts, Claymont, Craig, Green Trails, River Bend, Ross, Henry, Shenandoah, Wren, Oak Brook and Sorrento Springs. There is no change for middle and high school students who live within a mile as they were previously not receiving bus service.

    We regret having to make this change and fully understand the impact it may have on our families. The state of Missouri requires public school districts to provide transportation for students who live more than 3.5 miles from their school. We have been very fortunate in Parkway to provide bus service outside of .5 miles for many years. At this time, we are only reducing transportation for those who live approximately one mile from their school and in instances where it is also deemed safe to walk.

    This is not a financial issue as we have the budget and buses in order to provide transportation. We simply do not have enough drivers. Unfortunately, schools in St. Louis and across the country are experiencing the same challenges and having to make difficult decisions to transport students to school safely.

    We want to make everyone aware of the change now to give you time to make plans for next year. We also want to support our families in any way we can to ensure students safely travel to and from school each day. Schools will be working to create neighborhood walker support groups for students and families who choose to walk to school together. Look for more information from your school about this over the summer. We will also continue aggressively recruiting more bus drivers and our school board recently approved an improved pay scale for new and current drivers.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us or the Transportation Department directly at 314-415-8500.

    Important note for Kindergarten families

    To ensure the safety of our youngest children, kindergarten students will not be dropped off at a bus stop alone without a parent or approved adult present. Kindergarten students can be dropped off with an older sibling riding the same bus unless parents advise us otherwise.

    Students should be at the bus stop a minimum of five minutes before the scheduled stop time.

    Changes to Bus Transportation

    Parents should call transportation at (314) 415-8400 to request a change. Transportation will evaluate the space available. If space is not available, the student(s) will be added to a waitlist. No changes can be made during the first two weeks of school in order to maintain consistency of routes and bus stops for all students.

    For students who are in the VICC program, if parents need to make a change, they can contact Parkway VST directly at 314-415-9059 or 314-415-9060 after 11:30 am. There will be no changes for the first two weeks of school.

    New to Parkway

    If you recently enrolled your child in Parkway, your bus route and bus stop will typically be available within a few business days after registration is complete. For questions about your stop or bus, you can call Transportation at (314) 415-8400.

    We're Hiring

    Parkway is currently looking to hire bus drivers. If you know someone who is interested, they can call 314-415-8401 or here is the Link to apply! Thank you for helping our students get to and from school safely every day!