Parents as Teachers

  • A Special Hello from Parent Educators

    Parkway Parents as Teachers is a voluntary home visiting program offered at no charge for Parkway residents serving families prenatally to Kindergarten entry. We are designed to provide families with parenting & child development information and to support parents in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher.

    PAT is designed to offer regularly scheduled family personal visits, annual developmental screenings, group connections and access to a network of resources. These components are integral in supporting and preparing children & families for school readiness. The Parkway Parents as Teachers program provides opportunities to assist families with a smooth transition into preschool and kindergarten. 

    1.  PERSONAL FAMILY VISITS - A certified parent educator will bring an age-appropriate activity for you and your child to play together. You will partner with your Parent Educator in observing your child’s play and development.  Book sharing and supporting early literacy are an important component of the personal visit.   

    2.  GROUP CONNECTIONS - We offer Family Activity sessions and Just For Parents sessions at no charge. Upcoming sessions are listed below.   

    3.  DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENINGS - Screening provides an opportunity for you to see how your child is developing and meeting developmental milestones. Resources are available if a delay is identified. We offer screenings for all children 6 months to 36 months during a personal visit that includes development, health, hearing and vision. For children ages 3-5, a play-based screening is offered at the Early Childhood Center.    

    4.  RESOURCE NETWORK - We offer a Parent Book Lending library and a Toy Lending Library available for checkout at the Early Childhood Center.  Resources in the community are available for supporting and enriching families.


    *To enroll in Parents as Teachers call (314) 415-6973 or start the process to enroll online.   A representative will call you to complete enrollment.

     A Parkway Parent Educator is….

    • a Parkway School District employee
    • degreed in early childhood education, social work, family development or related field
    • a professional certified from the National Parents as Teachers Center 
    • a partner who will support your child’s healthy growth and development and parenting practices





    Preschool On Parade

    Date: 2/7/2023 6:30-7:30 pm
    Location: Virtual via Zoom
    Attendees: Parents Only Group Connection

    This Group Connection gives an overview of the Parkway Full-day and Half-day Preschool programs. Our dynamic program offers:

    Multiple District Locations
    Degreed & Certified Teachers
    Project Construct Curriculum
    National "School of Character"
    New & Expanded Outdoor Learning Spaces

    Presented by staff members of Parkway Early Childhood Preschool

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