Welcome to Parkway Preschool. Please follow the steps below to register your child:

    1.  Contact the preschool office at 314-415-6970  or clyons@parkwayschools.net for information on specific classroom availability in the location of your choice.
    2.  Complete a Google Registration form
    3.  Pay $100 deposit required to secure your placement after it has been confirmed. The preschool office will let you know how to make the payment.
    4.  Please request an appointment for a free Developmental Screening

    After your placement is confirmed through the Preschool Office, please follow the steps below to complete your registration through the District website.  This step is required before your child can attend the preschool program.

    Complete the registration process by navigating to the district website at parkwayschools.net and clicking on Enrolling a Student under Find it Fast. Please be sure to complete all Early Childhood questions and save your confirmation number. 

    Documents Requested for Registration:

    • Birth certificate, passport, or other appropriate documentation to verify age. 
    • Immunization Records
    • Two proofs of parents/guardian’s residency. These documents should contain the parent’s/guardian’s name and address.   (Although residency is not required for Parkway preschool, non-residents rates are different from resident rates)
      • Current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement, deed or signed lease  and
      • One other proof of residency such as: current unpaid utility bill,, credit card statement, employer's record of address, bank statement, or governmental acknowledgement of address (i.e., Social Security, voter registration, etc.)     
    • Custody papers.  If applicable, a copy from the section of the parenting plan which stipulates the educational address of the student.
    • Individual Education Plan and Evaluation (IEP) and/or section 504 Accommodation Plan (IAP) and Evaluation (if student has a disability).

    If you do not have the requested documentation, or do not rent or own property, please get in touch with Tyler Freeland. (tfreeland@parkwayschools.net or 314-415-9062)

    After completing your online registration, a Parkway Registrar will reach out to you to finalize the online enrollment process.

     Your registration is complete when you have:

    • A confirmed space in a preschool classroom
    • Paid a deposit
    • Completed online registration



    Note:  If you are registering for the current school year, your child may only attend once the above have been completed.