Meal Information and Pricing


    All students K-12 during summer school will be Free, Reduced or Full Pay depending on if an application for Free and Reduced was submitted through our office.  Any A la carte purchases must be paid for at the time of service.  Applications for the 22-23 School Year can not be submitted until July 1, 2022.

    Student meal pricing: Breakfast $2.35 - Lunch $3.25

    Adult meal pricing:  Breakfast $3.35 - Lunch $4.25


    Negative Balance Policy

    The Board Policy states that "a student may not accumulate more than three unpaid meals".

    All students who go through the line to get a reimbursable meal will be served the reimbursable meal they have in their hands, even if they don’t have funds in their account. We will not be serving alternate meals.

    However, students can only charge up to $10 in reimbursable meals (approx. three meals) before administration is notified. Students will not be allowed to charge a-la-carte items.    

    Nutrition Services will send charge letters to families via e-mail to notify them when their account is in the negative.

     For more information, refer to  Board Policy EF.GMeal Charging Board Review


    Please check Menu Changes for any updates or revisions to the menus. Date and time of revisions are also posted.

    We will post new menus for the following month as soon as they are available, usually after the 20th of each month.