Directions To Sites

  • DIRECTIONS TO SITES   -  Printable Directions

     Christ the King                  (18.02 mi from Fern; 36.04 miles round trip)
     11370 Old Halls Ferry Rd.
     Florissant, 63033

    Bus #36 - Old Halls Ferry & Redman                                          or                              Bus #27 - Graham & Redman

     Church is on the corner of Old Halls Ferry and Redman.                                     Take 270 to New Halls Ferry exit. Follow signs for Old Halls Ferry.               Turn Left on Old Halls Ferry.  Church will be on the right.                             Park on the lower lot and enter the white double doors.                                     Door is locked after 5:45pm.  Classes are down the hall and to the right.  

     Clayton High School       (9.5 mi from Fern; 19.0 round trip)
     1 Mark Twain Circle
     Clayton, 63105

    Bus #58 - Brentwood & Bonhomme                                           or                            Bus #97 - Maryland & Topton Way

     Take Brentwood Blvd. to Forsyth and turn left (west) Go 1 block to Parkside.   Turn left on Parkside and continue to high school on Mark Twain Circle.   Enter the main front doors of the school and take the 2 sets of stairs to the   left.  Turn left and go to room 2 at the end of the hall.  






     County Justice Center      (12.03 mi from Fern; 24.06 round trip)
     100 S. Central Ave
     Clayton, 63105


     Take 40 to 170N to Forest Park Parkway to Central Ave/Civic Center exit.         The Justice Center will be on the right.                                                                     There is a metered parking lot on the corner of Central and Carondelet.   Metrolink Parking Garage is between Central and Meramec. Entrance/exit   is off Meramec.                                                                                                       Contact Brady Williams at least 24 hours prior to your visit to let him know   you are coming.                                                                                                   Enter building; go through metal detector.   Elevators are to the left of the   metal detectors.                                                                                                         To check in with Program Services:                                                                                       2nd floor -- Enter through Choices Program door which is to the left.               Pick up temporary badge from Brady.                                                                     Teachers' materials are kept here.                                                               To go to the classroom:                                                                                                           3rd floor -- Go to the left and down the hall; take last door on the                     right.  Go through series of automated doors to get to elevators                       that go to classrooms on other floors.  Classrooms are to the right of               the guard office.                                  


     Crestview Middle School    (9 mi from Fern; 18 round trip)
     16025 Clayton Rd. 
     Ellisville, 63011


     Olive to Clayton.  Turn right (west) onto Clayton.                                                 Park in the lot that is off of Clayton and enter through the glass doors.  Go   into outdoor enclosed area and enter the first door on the left. The class is   down the hall and on the right (Room 110).


     Faith Baptist Church   (9.27 mi from Fern; 18.54 round trip)
     12061 Natural Bridge Rd.
     Bridgeton, 63044

    Bus #35 - St Charles Rock Rd & McKelvey; then walk .8 miles to Natural Bridge

     From 270:     Take exit 20C toward St Charles Rock Road.  Go east on                    St Charles Rock Rd.  Almost immediately turn left on Natural Bridge.                Church will be on the left.                                                                                   From Lindbergh:  Take Natural Bridge exit.  Go west on Natural Bridge.                 Church will be on the right.                                                                             There is a doorbell if the door is locked.  Enter through the front door.  Classrooms are to the left; HSE is downstairs.  


     Fern Ridge High School
     13157 N. Olive Spur Rd
     Creve Coeur, 63141

    Bus #91 - Olive & Creve Coeur Mill Rd

     Take Olive (between Fee Fee and Woods Mill) to Creve Coeur Mill Road.   Turn at traffic light by Taco Bell and Royal Bank and then immediate right   onto Olive Spur.  Drive to the back of the building and enter through door   #6 which all the way to the right.  Follow signs to the office.


     Hazelwood Doors to Success   (21 mi from Fern; 42 round trip)
     12079 Bellefontaine Rd.
     Spanish Lake, 63138

    Bus #36 - Bellefontaine & Parker

     Take 270 to Bellefontaine exit. Turn north on Bellefontaine.  Youth Center     will be on left just past Trampe Ave. behind the St. Louis Fish-Chicken and     Grill.  Buzz in.


     Hazelwood West High School   (11.12 mi from Fern; 22.24 round trip)
     1 Wildcat Lane
     Hazelwood, 63042

    Bus #44 - Utz & Dunn

     From the south:      Take 270 to McDonnell Blvd. North exit, turn left.                        McDonnell will become Howdershell.  Go a few more blocks and turn              left on Wildcat Lane (stoplight at McDonald's).                                           From the north:      Take Howdershell to Wildcat Lane and turn right.           Wildcat Lane dead ends at the high school (pass Armstrong Elementary).   Park in one of front lots. Enter front door.  Main hallway will be on your   right.  Classrooms are down this hall and to the left (rooms 127 & 129).


     Manchester United Methodist   (6.76 mi from Fern; 13.52 round trip)
     129 Woods Mill Rd
     Manchester, 63011

    Bus #57 - Manchester & 141

     The church is located 1 block west of 141 off of Manchester Road.  Turn on   to Creve Coeur Avenue.  The church is on the right. Park on the north side   of the church. Enter through the glass double doors at the far right of the   building.  Follow the signs to the ESL classrooms.


     Maplewood United Methodist   (13.3 mi from Fern; 26.6 round trip)
     7409 Flora Ave
     Maplewood, 63143


     From 270, take 64/40 east.  Turn right on Big Bend.  Turn left on Flora.     Church is on the left at the corner of Flora and Sutton.

     MERS-Goodwill Center  (11.89 mi from Fern; 23.78 round trip)
     2545 S. Hanley Rd.
     Brentwood, 63144

    Bus #2 - Maplewood/Manchester Station

     MERS is located on Hanley and south of 40 between Litzinger and                         Manchester.                                                                                                   From Highway 40:   Take Brentwood Blvd/Hanley Road exit.  Follow signs              for Hanley Road.  Go south on Hanley Road.  MERS will be on the right.   From Manchester:   Go north on Hanley.  MERS will be on the left.                   Sign in at the front desk. Classrooms are on the second floor.  
     Missouri Job Center    (7.9 mi from Fern; 15.8 roundtrip)
     715 Northwest Plaza Drive
     St. Ann, 63074

    From St Charles Rock Road: The Crossings is located between Lindbergh                  Blvd and Adie Road. Turn into the Crossings at the QT.  Drive past                    Menards and around the bend until you reach the door numbered                  715.  It's before you get to Spectrum.                                                    From Lindbergh: Turn east onto Old St Charles Rock Road and turn into the            entrance to the center.  The Job Center is on the lower level.                    Enter door 715 Missouri Job Center.  Go past security and enter the Job                   Center.  Sign in at the desk and then go straight back to the HSE                       classroom.

     Pathfinder, Cornerstone Center         (9.6 mi from Fern; 19.2 roundtrip)
     15800 Manchester Rd
     Ellisville, 63011

     Go west on Olive.  Left onto Manchester and right into the church.         Cornerstone Center is located on the west side of Pathfinder towards the   back of the parking lot.

     Pattonville High School         (6.09 miles from Fern, 12.18 round trip) 
     2497 Creve Coeur Mill Rd.
     Maryland Heights, 63043
    NOT close, but Bus #35 stops at DePaul Hospital, then walk 1.5 mi.

    From 270:     Take St. Charles Rock Road exit east to McKelvey Road. Turn                  right on McKelvey.  Continue past DePaul Hospital.  McKelvey                           changes to Creve Coeur Mill Road.  The school is on the right.          From Olive:   Take 141N/Maryland Heights Expressway to Creve Coeur Mill                Road (stoplight).  Turn right onto Creve Coeur Mill Road.  School will                be on the left.                                                                                                    Turn into Pattonville’s parking lot at the stoplight, stay to the right. The stadium will be on the right edge of the lot, the school building will be on the left, and there will be a wall of windows for the Natatorium at the end of the lot.  Go up the ramp by the wall of windows and enter through that door.  You will come into a common area, go straight and down a couple of steps to the hallway.  Turn left, then right.  Go past the main desk and continue down the D wing to D108.  (Do not enter the building under the bridge – those doors are not always open).

     Rockwood Summit High School     (12.9 mi from Fern; 25.8 roundtrip)
     1780 Hawkins Rd.
     Fenton, 63026

     Go west on Olive.  Then go south on 141.  Make a right on Hawkins Rd.     Park in the front of the school and enter thru the front door.  Go down the   stairs, turn left at the bottom of the stairwell, and left again at the first       hallway.  The classroom is the first door on the left (room 110).

     Trinity Christian Reformed Church     (3.1 mi from Fern; 6.2 round trip)
     1703 McKelvey Rd
     Maryland Heights, 63043
    Bus #98 McKelvey & Glenlea  

    From southbound 270:  Exit Dorsett westbound, turn left on McKelvey.                 The church will be on your right.                                                                         From northbound 270:   Exit Page/364, go west. Turn right on Bennington.           Name changes to McKelvey after Marine.  Church will be on your left.  From eastbound Olive going east: Turn left on Fee Fee, then follow above            directions.

     Trinity Mount Carmel Baptist Church  (20 mi from Fern; 40 round trip)
     11755 Mehl Ave.
     Florissant, 63033
    Bus #36 - Old Halls Ferry & Redman                                          or                              Bus #27 - Graham & Redman

     Church is on the corner of Mehl and Old Halls Ferry.                                   From eastbound 270: Take exit 30 (New Halls Ferry Rd).  Make a sharp left                onto New Halls Ferry.  Turn right onto Mehl (White Castle is on the                  corner).  Church is on left.                                                                               From westbound 270: Take exit 30 (New Halls Ferry Rd.)  Merge onto Dunn;   turn right onto New Halls Ferry.   Turn right onto Mehl (White Castle is on   the corner). Church is on left.                                                                                     Park in the back of the church.  Enter through double doors between the   church and the classroom building.  Classrooms are to the right up the   steps.

     Wild Horse Elementary      (6.4 mi from Fern; 12.8 round trip) 
     16695 Wild Horse Creek
     Chesterfield, 63005

    Go west on Olive.  Turn right onto Hilltop Village Center.  Turn right onto Chesterfield Parkway West.   Cross over Highway 40/64.   Turn right onto Wild Horse Creek Rd.                                                                                                Students park in the main parking lot and enter thru the main door.  Students need to be buzzed in and sign in at the front desk.         **Orientation for this class is at Pathfinder (Cornerstone Center).**