Reading Notebook Expectations 

    • Students who are reading on a level K or above will be expected to record their thinking in a reader’s notebook. Students will complete an entry every day at school during Reader’s Workshop, and at home on Monday and Wednesday nights.


      Below are two examples of what a quality entry might look like:


      8/18    Pinkalicious (School/Home)       


      I think that Pinkalicious is disobedient. I think this because in the text she said, “I refused to go to bed.” I also know she is disobedient because in the text she said, “I climbed onto a chair, and reached on my tippy toes to the top of the refrigerator, where Mommy had hidden the cupcakes.”


      8/19   Recess Queen (School/Home)


      I predict Katie Sue will get Mean Jean to play with her at recess. I think this because in the text it said, "Katie Sue was too new to know about Mean Jean the Recess Queen.” I also predict this because the text said, “Then from her pack pulled Katie Sue a jump rope clean and bright.”

      Every entry should include a thought and two pieces of evidence from the text to support their thinking. As the students grow as readers, they will include higher-level thinking at the end of their entry.


      Recipe for a Notebook Entry...


      I think __________. I think this because in the text it said, “__________________________.” Also, in the text it said, “_______________________”