• School-Wide Food Safety Expectations 

    In order to help protect the health and safety of our students wtih life-threatening food allergies and to contribute to the health and academic success of all students, the Parkway School District has adopted new district-wide Food Safety Expectations. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, all schools will promote these best practice guidelines. 

    Classrooms should be food-free whenever possible. Consumption of food in the classroom is strongly discouraged due to allergy and sanitation concerns. Students may continue to bring in a snack for their own consumption, especially students with an individual health plan. Students  are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to promote health and wellness. Parents may be advised to send in snacks without a particular allergen, if needed, to prevent cross-contamination, which could impact safety for food allergic students. Careful cleaning of surfaces with soap and water after consumption of food is essential. Food may not be brought from home for sharing class-wide. The school nurse will be informed and consulted to identify students with known food allergies. Teachers will make alternative lesson or curricular plans if students with known food allergies could be adversely impacted.

     Find safe and inclusive ways to celebrate without food. To maintain healthy learners, the safest celebrations occur without food. Birthday celebrations at school and holiday celebrations at school will not include food. Schools are encouraged to be creative in celebrating without food.