• McKelvey Mission and Vision: 

    The mission of McKelvey Elementary School is to ensure all students are capable, curious, caring and confident learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world. 


    We succeed when all each student and graduate: 

    *Transfer their prior learning to new demands, in and out of school

    *Is fully prepared for their next educational challenges

    *Is creative, thoughtful, and effective problem solvers

    *Is increasing self-directed, skilled and persistent as learners

    *Is literate and critical consumers of information and ideas

    *Is an articulate speaker and effective listener

    *Acts out of a strong sense of personal, social and civic responsibility

    *Always seeks to understand the views, values and cultures of others

    *Works skillfully with others to achieve common goals

    *Pursues a personal direction based on an understanding of individual talents and interests