• Report your points

    Once you have completed an activity, submit your photos to the Points Reporting Form. We'll review the submissions and award your school points. Be sure you are signed up for the challenge otherwise, we may not be able to process your submissions.

    Please make ONE submission for each activity. If you did an activity more than once (e.g. with different students or reoccurring events), submit each occurrence individually to earn extra points.

     Points Reporting Form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can earn points?

    Any Parkway School District teacher, student, or staff can earn points for their school/building.

    • Who reports our activities for points?

    Everyone is responsible for reporting their own points. If you worked together with someone, choose one person to submit the activity.

    • When do I report points?

    Points can be reported at any time before the end of the Challenge on April 22nd.

    • Can I submit multiple activities on one form?

    No, please make ONE submission for each activity you complete.

    • How many photos should I take?

    The minimum is at least one photo, but feel free to submit up to 10.

    • How many points will I earn for an activity I created on my own?

    We will use the information you provide through the Points Reporting Form to award points. The listed activities on the Ways to Earn Points page can be used as a guide for point estimation. Overall, we take into consideration the level of student involvement, time spent, and the cost of the activity. If you would like further clarification on point values for Create your Own activities, contact us at SSC@parkwayschools.net.

    • What goal does my field trip, grant, or initiative align with?

     If it is not directly stated what goal the activity aligns with, use your best judgment when filling out the Points Reporting Form. If multiple goals are being met, choose the one most focused on or choose Sustainability Learning for a broader approach.

    • Do I get extra points for doing the activity more than once?

    Yes! You can get more points by doing the same activity with different groups of students or multiple times throughout the Challenge. Take photos each time you do the activity and submit them separately to earn points for each occurrence.

    • Can I report an activity I did earlier in the year?

    You can report an activity from earlier in the year if you have photos of the activity or other proof that the activity was completed. If you have questions, email us at SSC@parkwayschools.net.

    • I have submitted my activity, but why haven't my points shown up yet?

    We update the leaderboard regularly so, check back later.