Ways to Earn Points

  • Earn points by doing activities that relate to Parkway School District's sustainability goals. Remember to take photos of your activity so that you can share them with us later to get points.

    There are three main ways to earn points for your school:

    1. Create your own activity

     You have the freedom to create your own activity that aligns with at least one of the district sustainability goals. These could be big or small, trips, programs, and things your class is already doing.

    Guide to creating your own activity

    Need some inspiration? Here are some great ideas from Parkway schools!

    Examples from schools

    2. Use the activity menu

    We’ve gathered all types of sustainability activities into one place for you to easily find the resources you need to get started earning points.

    3. Mini Challenges

    Each month, a different sustainability goal will be featured with mini-challenges in three levels of difficulty. You must be signed up for the Sustainable Schools challenge to participate. There will be monthly winners that will receive recognition and a monetary award.

    Current Mini Challenges