Why Does Sustainability Matter?

  • What is sustainability?

    Living sustainably is using and maintaining Earths natural resources without depleting or degrading the systems that provide them. We are currently using our resources faster than they can be replaced. A more sustainable future will rely heavily on renewable energy resources, protect biodiversity through the preservation of natural capital (soil, air, water, all living things), and avoid disrupting Earth's vital chemical cycles.

    How does this relate to climate change?

    Climate is a general pattern of conditions over hundreds to thousands of years. Greenhouse gases absorb and trap heat from the sun making Earth hospitable for life. Through the burning of fossil fuels, clearing forests, and agricultural practices, humans are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere which strengthens the greenhouse effect causing a rise in global temperatures. This alters global precipitation patterns, raises sea levels, and shifts where humans and animals can live. These conditions are not sustainable and if we maintain this course, the Earth will not support life indefinitely. 

Why Does Sustainability Affect Our District Goals?