Create your own activity

  • You have the freedom to create your own activities to earn points in the Sustainable Schools Challenge. We encourage you to think outside of the box when getting your classmates, classroom, school, or coworkers involved in sustainability activities. By creating your own activity, you can earn points for things you may already be doing or have done recently as long as you have a photo to submit using the Points Reporting Form.

    The listed activities on the Ways to Earn Points page can be used as a guide for point estimation. Overall, we take into consideration the level of student involvement or difficulty, time spent, and the cost of the activity. This being said, you do not need to spend money to participate in this challenge.

    If you would like further clarification on point values for Create your Own activities, contact us at

    All activities must align with at least one of Parkway's sustainability goals. Below are general guidelines for how to align the district goals with activities.    


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    Energy Efficiency 

       Actively work to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency

       Understand where the energy you use comes from and how those sources affect the environment.

       Build awareness around the energy use, waste, and costs in your building.

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    Water Conservation

       Understand how rainwater run-off affects the sewage system and our freshwater ecosystems.

        Reduce water use to landscaping by planting native, drought-tolerant species.

        Build awareness around water pollution and how it can be reduced.

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    Waste Reduction

       Reduce your overall consumption of goods by using reusable items.

        Find creative ways to reuse items to reduce waste.

        Focus on recycling, composting, and the importance of landfill diversion.


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    Sustainable Outdoor Environment

       Create educational outdoor areas to spark student learning about the environment.

       Provide natural habitats for wildlife to help create more balanced ecosystems.

       Understand where your food comes from and learn about sustainable farming.

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    Sustainability Learning

        Build awareness about the importance of sustainability in both small and large scales.

        Inspire leadership and inventiveness to work towards solving problems.

        Encourage hands-on and place-based learning through teamwork.



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    Health and Wellness

       Improve indoor environments by making them clean, healthy, and safe spaces.

       Create healthy habits by spending more time outside, being more active, and eating a well-balanced diet.

       Work to integrate mindfulness into the building culture to increase cohesion and reduce stress.