• Now NL8r

    If you want to fly, try giving up the things that weigh you down.”

    NOW n L8R, established in 1998, is an eighth-grade activity-based program which emphasizes the value of making good decisions. During this four-lesson program, students will understand the value of making healthy decisions and realize the impact peers and social media have on their self-worth.

    This program addresses 3 specific areas in students’ lives:

    · DECISION MAKING: Students will discover that all choices have consequences whether positive or negative.

    · SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCES & SELF WORTH: Looks at how social media influences teens today and encourages them to “be themselves” regardless of peer feedback in a world of likes and followers. (Taught by High School Mentors)

    · ADDICTIONS AND NATURAL HIGHS: Discusses brain development and explains the risk of experimenting with addictive behaviors. Students will then identify their own natural high as a healthy alternative.

    The 4th lesson is taught in the spring and provides 8th graders with another opportunity to interact with a group of high school safe and drug-free role models. These informative conversations help them make a successful transition into high school.