Peer Teaching

  • Peer Teaching

    The PEER TEACHING program began in 1985 and since then has changed and grown steadily. The consistent message of this program is the importance of good character and the impact it has on one’s choices (especially those to be safe and drug-free). This concept is defined and demonstrated during four lessons presented to our 7th graders by junior and senior Peer Teachers.

    First-year Peer Teachers attend a 2-day training retreat where they participate in many small and large group activities that help them look introspectively at themselves and discover the responsibilities that come with being a drug-free tutor, mentor and role model. The retreat also helps bond the high school groups that will be working together.

    There is a two-fold purpose to the Peer Teaching program. Not only does it serve as an alcohol prevention program, but it also develops and strengthens the character of our 7th graders. The four lessons cover a variety of topics including wisdom, integrity, responsible decision making and caring. Through fact-filled, hands-on activities, Peer Teachers help 7th graders realize the harmful effects of the drug alcohol and empower them to make good choices.


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